House Renovations

At Northern Building and Carpentry, we specialise in home renovations. From small renovations to large projects, we work with brick house renovations, period home renovations and everything in between.

We love hands-on work that breathes new life to your home or adds something new and functional to complement your house’s charm or the room’s innate character. Our team of highly professional designers and builders work together to help you improve your house, with considered cost, design and building advice.

Working with your House Renovations

As part of our Design and Build process, we have partnered with a local and trusted design firm to help you bring your ideas to life. We work alongside the designers and ensure that the project design is sensible and sound from a construction perspective.

We maintain communication between our team and clients to ensure that your house renovation plans meet expectations and that the project fits the budget.

Our Design and Build service makes the house renovations building process significantly less complicated and saves clients time, money and headaches.