Kitchen Renovations

Everyone spends time in the kitchen. It’s where the kids do homework while eating. It’s where you all cook for the holidays, everyone pitching in. It needs to be big enough for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whilst we extend your home, we can also help you get everything done to make your kitchen […]

Bedroom Renovations

At Northern Building and Carpentry, we understand that everyone’s dream room is different, and your lifestyle can change. Families change. Kids grow up. Changing your home can be an ongoing process and we ensure our building practices follow the latest and best practice methods to ensure all changes made to your home add value and […]

Kitchen and Bath Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the bath is where you often relax and recharge. These rooms should always be prioritised in your preferred design and function. As part of bigger home renovations and extensions, we specialise in quality kitchen and bathroom renovations. Once we have viewed the space and your ideas, […]