Design & Build

How We Do it

Design & Build

Northern Building and Carpentry offers a comprehensive Design & Build service in conjunction with registered building designers and other industry professionals. Our Design & Build service makes the building process is significantly less complicated and saves clients time, money and headaches.


We handle the technical side of the process, giving clients the freedom to work on their design plans without the distraction of red tape and building jargon. On our clients’ behalf we deal with local councils, structural engineers, building surveyors and all other industry professionals. Clients also have the added benefit of direct communication between all the building professionals working on their project. This results in a much less stressful process for clients.


Because we have strong, long-term relationships with these professionals we offer services at competitive rates.


Because the builder, draftsman, structural engineer and building surveyor work collaboratively right from the start your project moves quickly and smoothly. We ensure that all documents submitted for building permits and town planning (if applicable) are coherent, comprehensive and consistent. This means that town planning and building permit approval times are much shorter than when building documents are supplied by separate professionals and it also means that projects run much more efficiently once construction has begun.