Critical Pre-Design Advice

Critical Pre-Design Advice

Avoid issues: Partner with your builder for the design, planning and building permit process

Why should I engage a builder before I have plans drawn? Won’t they try to push me into their own designs?

In short – no. When you engage us to work with you in the pre-design phase we are not there to influence your design choices; we are there to ensure the technical aspects of the project are designed in a structurally sound, cost effective way.

We also liaise between the professionals working on your project design ensuring consistency, cohesion and thoroughness in all Building Permit documents. Above all, the most important role we play in the pre-design phase is advising on the most suitable construction methods for your project.

But isn’t that what I pay an architect or draftsman for?

Yes, but while architects, draftsmen and engineered are skilled in building design, they do not necessarily have the hands-on experience required to determine which technical approach will work best for your home. This is where site-specific design advice from an experienced builder is particularly important, as the choice of methods and materials used can drastically affect the cost, quality, and longevity of the project as well as the time taken to build it.

A good example of how this advice is useful is when deciding which parts of a home to retain and which to demolish. Some architects and draftsmen are hesitant to suggest partial demolition of a home because clients find the idea of demolition daunting and believe they will save money by retaining as much of the existing structure as possible. When we are engaged early in the design process, we can inspect the home and clearly explain the pros and cons of retaining or demolishing a part of the structure, as well as the costs for each option. In our experience, this advice can save clients significant time and money, as well as avoiding many, potentially expensive, Contract Variations later.

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